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Programming Fundamentals using Python Level 1

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By Moamen Mohammed Ramadan

The Course Instructor

Moamen Mohammed Ramadan
Reservoir Engineering Department Head
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Main experience is in:
Practicing all features of Reservoir Engineering
multi segmented work using latest softwares.

- Mainly interested in Programming, Data Science and AI topics in computer science spectrum.

EGYPS 2019 Paper titled “Well testing best practices through 1000+ tests in the western desert of Egypt”.

What you'll learn

  • What is a program?
  • How to run Python and its modes of running?
  • Get the hang of debugging skill in Python.
  • Arithmetic operators in Python
  • Values and types in Python
  • How to define variables and use them in your code?
  • What is meant by a variable?
  • What is meant by an expression?
  • Order of operations.
  • String Operations in Python.
  • How to write comments in Python ?
  • What is meant by a function?
  • Function types and uses in Python.
  • What is meant by parameters and arguments?
  • Fruitful and void functions in Python.
  • Boolean expressions in Python.
  • What is meant by logical operators and how can you use them in Python?
  • Conditional execution in Python.
  • Chained and Nested conditionals in Python.
  • Recursion in Python.
  • Return values, Boolean functions and checking types in Python.
  • Iteration statements in Python (While loop, for loop, break).
  • How to deal with strings in Python (ex. Get the length of a string, traverse a string, string methods, in operator, compare two strings, etc.)?


No previous programming knowledge is required.

A computer and an internet access are all what you need for this course.


- Programming is considered – by many experts and employment companies as well - a necessary skill nowadays for those who want to make a difference and to have an advantage over others in this world in nearly any discipline.

- This course is designed for those who want to start learning programming. So, it is designed for the complete beginners. In this course you will learn about programming fundamentals. All programming languages more or less share the same basic features that you will learn about in this course.

- We will use Python programming language for this course because Python is an easy programming language to be learnt comparing to other languages. Moreover, Python is considered to be the most desirable programming language all over the world nowadays.

- We will write small programs together along the course so that you can apply the programming concepts that you will learn about during the course.

- 2 programming assignments will be discussed and solved during the course.

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