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Oil Field Data Management Part 1

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By Islam Fawaz

The Course Instructor

Islam Fawaz
Senior Reservoir Engineer
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What you'll learn

+ Navigate through OFM user interface and build Project from A to Z.
+ Perform Reservoir performance analysis
+ Candidate recognition for workover/ infill
+ Visualize and analyse reservoir and production data in a cost-effective, integrated environment
+ Perform Production and injection monitoring and surveillance
+ Pattern analysis for waterflood optimization
+ Perform Well and completion performance analysis and diagnostics
+ Production forecasting for field- or well-level analysis
+ Performance benchmarking and vintage analysis
+ Build an interactive dashboard for improved decision making
+ Perform DCA and production forecast
+ Perform Production Performance Comparison and Benchmark.
+ Build flexible workflows by combining industry-standard and user.


This course provides through a comprehensive practical training, the required technical knowledge and skills to
hold the position of petroleum engineer and to contribute to safe and efficient operations in upstream Oil
industry. This course provides a complete understanding of OFM Oil Field Manager.
This course will help participants gain a better understanding of reservoir and production data surveillance and
management for better study of the reservoir performance