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Drilling Fluid School

The drilling fluid in the well is very similar to the blood in your body, you should test your blood and read your body messages for you and act accordingly to keep yourself healthy. Drilling fluid also send you messages about your well, you should understand your drilling fluid, know its functions, test its properties, and read your well messages to keep your well stable, safe, and efficiently perform your drilling process.

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By Amr Ibrahim

The Course Instructor

Amr Ibrahim
Drilling Fluid Engineer
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Amr Ibrahim Short Biography

I have graduated from Faculty of petroleum and mining engineering at 2011, Once I have graduated I have joined Egyptian Drilling Skills (EDS) Company for training and Technical Consultation, I was working with EDS at its starting phase, I got experience of the training world and since working with EDS I set a plan for myself to have a training career alongside my job.

I have joined Halliburton Baroid as a drilling fluid engineer at 2011 till 2018; I worked at both land and offshore rigs, worked at deep water drilling at the Mediterranean.

At 2018 I have started a new journey and move to KSA to work as drilling fluid engineer at MB Petroleum Services and later on at Schlumberger MI-SWACO. I have worked on achieving my plan to be instructor; I have got the accreditation of being certified instructor and assessor of IWCF Surface BOP Stack, this was step one at my plan, I looking forward to be certified instructor at WELLSAHRP, IADC certified instructor for Mud Schools and also I’m looking forward to be certified instructor and assessor of IWCF combined (Surface and subsea) BOP Stack.

What you'll learn

  • Pressure Control.
  • Basic Calculations; volumes, pressures, …
  • Hole Cleaning.
  • Solids Suspension.
  • Formation Damage Concepts.
  • Wellbore stability
  • Other Drilling Fluid Functions.
  • Mud Types.
  • Mud Composition.
  • Polymer Chemistry.
  • Material Balance Calculations
  • Mud Testing.
  • WBM Testing.
  • OBM Testing.
  • Clay Chemistry
  • Shale Inhibition
  • Mud Related Drilling Problems and Solutions
  • and More....


In this course, we are going to discuss together the drilling fluid functions and how it provides well control barrier, how to stabilize the well and prevent stuck pipe, how to provide hole cleaning which is vital for your drilling process success and more of these very vital functions.

Also, we are going to discuss the drilling problems related to the drilling fluid and how we can initially prevent them then how we can solve them.

As a field engineer, I’m willing to deliver the course concepts from field perspective, I want every participant to live the daily routine of the drilling fluid engineer, Inventory management, pits management, chemicals requests, mixing instructions and much more through the drilling process of the well.