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Applied Reservoir Geomechanics

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By Mohamed Omar El-Farouk Badran

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Mohamed Omar El-Farouk Badran
Senior Reservoir Engineer
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What you'll learn

  • Understand the different stresses acting on the rock.
  • Determine the values of the acting stresses.
  • Determine the orientation of these stresses.
  • Determine the pore pressure.
  • Understand effective stress terminology.
  • Be able to determine rock’s mechanical properties.
  • Understand the rock’s strength and factors affecting it.
  • Draw Mohr’s Coloumb envelope.
  • Understand the rock’s Failure Mechanisms
  • Develop 1D Mechanical Model.
  • Understand Mechanical Earth Modelling, its features, and required input data.
  • Overview examples for the applications of Mechanical Earth Modelling


- The Revolution in Unconventional Reservoirs has enlarged the importance of the Reservoir Geomechanics understanding and applications.

- Reservoir Geomechanics also has great roles in other applications outside the Oil and Gas industry:

  • Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage
  • Geo-thermal Energy

- Reservoir Geomechanics has been able to put a remarkable signature in all the applications.

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