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Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Karim Magdy

M.Sc Reservoir Engineer

Abdallah Hassan

Senior Well Intervention Engineer

Ana de Sousa

Senior Reservoir Geologist

George Basta

Senior Reservoir Engineer


Senior Drilling Engineer

Sami Saad ElKurdy

Exploration/Development Geophysicist & Machine Learning Consultant

Amir Hani

Drilling & work over Supervisor in the Petroleum field in General Petroleum Company (GPC) FIELDS


Senior Reservoir Engineer at General Petroleum Company

Hesham Mokhtar

Senior Reservoir Engineer

Mohammed Ameen

M.Sc Reservoir engineer

Ra’ed Ahmed

Senior Petroleum Engineer

El Sayed Amer

Petroleum engineer

Khalil El Azazi

Drilling Fluids Engineer at MBPS – Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Gaber

Senior Petroleum Engineer

Fathallah Kamel

Drilling Supervisor

Mustafa Adel Amer

WRFM Petroleum Engineer in Obayied Tight Gas Field and Well Integrity Focal Point, BAPETCO (JV Shell)

El sayed Fathy Moubark Mohamed

Reservoir Modeler at IPS (International Petroleum Services).

Ahmed Maher

Senior Production Technology Engineer

Amr Ibrahim

Drilling Fluid Engineer

Abdallah Mostafa

Senior Production Technologist

Ibrahim Mabrouk

Senior Petrophysics Engineer

Mohamed Adel Gabry

Senior Petroleum Engineer

Mostafa Mohamed Shehata

Well intervention engineer at GPC head office

Ahmed Ali

Senior Well Services Engineer

Adel Taher

Reservoir Engineer

Moamen Mohammed Ramadan

Reservoir Engineering Department Head

Raed Ahmed Fouad

Senior petroleum engineer



Sarah Zayan

Research Assistant

Mohamed Adel Gabry

Senior Petroleum Engineer

Islam Fawaz

Senior Reservoir Engineer

Islam Fawaz

Senior Reservoir Engineer

Mohamed Ghonaim

Senior Petrophysicist

Dr. Ghada Farrag

Geological Studies Department Manager

Abdullah Hegazy

Production Technologist

Mohamed Omar El-Farouk Badran

Senior Reservoir Engineer