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Process Simulation

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By Ahmed Yehia

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Ahmed Yehia
Process Enginer
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What you'll learn

-You can easily manipulate process variables and unit operation topology, as well as fully customize your
simulation using HYSYS customizing and extensibility tools.
-Each tutorial guides you step by step through the complete construction of a HYSYS simulation.
-You will gain the same basic understanding of the steps and tools used to build a HYSYS simulation.
-After building one of these tutorial cases, you might choose to build one or several more, or begin creating
your own simulations.


This program provides through a comprehensive practical training, the required technical knowledge and skills
to hold the position of petroleum engineer and to contribute to safe and efficient operationsin downstream Oil
& Gas facilities. This program provides a complete understanding of main HYSYS software with hands-on real
cases. Using HYSYS you can create rigorous steady state and dynamic models for plant design, safety and energy
analysis, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, operational improvement, business planning, and asset

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