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Practical Reservoir Simulation Part 1

comprehensive Reservoir Simulation Course

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By Hesham Mokhtar

The Course Instructor

Hesham Mokhtar
Senior Reservoir Engineer
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Hesham Mokhtar Ali Biography Hesham Mokhtar is a senior reservoir engineer with about 8 years’ experience in the subsurface evaluation, reservoir characterization, and simulation. He holds a BSc (2010) in Petroleum Engineering & MSc (2018) degrees in Reservoir Engineering from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Hesham is currently involved in subsurface and reservoir characterization training. 

Industry Experience: 

  • May 2012 - Present: Senior Reservoir Engineer, General Petroleum Company (GPC), Egypt 
  • Sep 2016 – Aug 2017: Reservoir Engineer, Agiba Petroleum Company, Egypt 

Hesham has a hands-on experience in performing the reservoir evaluations; 

  • Interpreting the open and cased hole logs (Techlog) 
  • Determining hydrocarbon in place (STOIIP & GIIP) and reserve; Volumetric, Decline Curve Analysis (DCA), IPM MBAL 
  • Analyzing reservoir pressure measurements (MDT interpretation) 
  • Analyzing production data (Kappa Topaze) 
  • Interpreting the pressure transient data PTA (Kappa Saphir) 
  • Analyzing reservoir fluids (PVT) and EoS modeling (PVTi) 
  • Evaluating Reservoir & Wells performance and make surveillance (OFM) 
  • Analyzing conventional and special core analysis data (RCAL & SCAL) 
  • Constructing dynamic reservoir simulation models (Petrel* RE & Eclipse* 100) 
  • Modeling of E&P's economics and fiscal regimes (Merak* PEEP) 

Hesham also has 2 years’ experience as a training course instructor; 

  • Reservoir Characterization & Formation Evaluation Course; METC/GPCTC, Egypt 
  • Reservoir Fluids Analysis Course Instructor; GPCTC, Egypt 
  • Oil & Gas Reserve Classifications & Estimation Techniques; GPCTC, Egypt 

Hesham has the following specialized technical certificates: 

  • PVT Analysis & EOS modeling by Eclipse PVTi 
  • Well Testing Analysis & Interpretation using KAPPA Saphir 
  • Advanced Reservoir Simulation (Schlumberger Malaysia) 
  • INTERSECT Reservoir Simulation (Schlumberger Egypt) 
  • Reservoir Simulation History Matching (Petrel* & E100) 
  • Carbonate Reservoir Management 
  • Reservoir Simulation for Black Oil (Eclipse*) 
  • Integrated 3D Static & Dynamic Reservoir Modeling (Petrel*) 
  • Applied Reservoir Simulation (Petrel* RE) 

Training-related certificates: 

  • Emotional Intelligence, OGS 
  • Training of Trainers (TOT), OGS 

What you'll learn

 Objectives of integrated reservoir studies
 Data used in a reservoir simulation study
 Review of reservoir data: PVT, RCAL, SCAL, production, etc.
 Geology & static model construction
 Data import and data templates
 Simulation grid construction
 Structural framework
 Reservoir model design
 Structural compartments: fault geometry
 Reservoir architecture: facies model

 Depletion strategy
 Development strategy

 Simulation grid modifications
 History matching workflow
 Multiple scenarios, realizations, and ranking
 Screen alternative production strategies
 Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis

 Simulation grid properties
 Dynamic modelling


Basic Knowledge of Reservoir Management and Analytical Approaches 


This course provides an extensive and practical knowledge in reservoir modeling. It is proposed to understand the basic principles and equations involved in reservoir simulation. Full procedure to create a 3D model will be implemented. Specifically, to:

- Understand the data requirements for conducting a simulation study
- Review of static modeling process
- Generate a dynamic model
- Understand and practice history matching
- Investigate various reservoir engineering /reservoir management principles
- Deploy field development planning under waterflooding and gas injection.

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