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Material Balance practice

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By Mohammed Ameen

The Course Instructor

Mohammed Ameen
M.Sc Reservoir engineer
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Mohamed Ameen has worked as Petroleum reservoir engineer in the Egyptian general petroleum company (GPC) since June 2015. Be-side working in GPC, He is a freelancer specialized in AutoCAD drawing, petroleum engineering applications @ (PPH & Upwork). 

Being A Reservoir Engineer in GPC-Egyptian General Petroleum Company- (E&P CO.), He is responsible for reservoir engineering analysis including: Decline curve projections, volumetric calculations, inflow performance and pressure-transient analysis. Also He is engaged in oil and gas reserve estimations, production surveillance, and economic evaluations. He has a good knowledge to do simulation studies to evaluate development scenarios, reserve profiles and profitability on existing properties or potential acquisitions. PVT QC & EOS modelling and core analysis occupy a great part of my work duties. 

He received B.Sc. degree in petroleum engineering from Suez University, Egypt, in 2013.He accomplished his premaster in 2017 and preparing for master degree in petroleum engineering. Mohamed Ameen is a Life Member of Society of petroleum engineers (SPE).He is a member in petroleum development program (PDP) technical organization team. 

Mohamed Ameen was engaged in many technical courses that added too much technical knowledge to his experience and enriched his background like: - Unconventional Reservoirs - Well Stimulation & Coiled Tubing Fundamentals - PVT & EOS Modelling Using PVTP ( PETEX ®) - PVT & EOS Modelling Using PVTI - Well Test ( Design & Interpretation ) Using Saphire ( Kappa ® ) - Reservoir Simulation Using Petrel ( SLB ®) - Petro-physical Data Interpretation & Utilization - Conventional PVT Analysis - Conventional & Special Core Analysis - Dynamic Processing Simulation Using Hysys 8.8 

What you'll learn

Day One :-

  1. MBE Applications:
  2. Simulation Concepts:
  3. Input data collection and QC.
  4. History matching methods.
  5. Model Validation.
  6. An Excel sheet instead of MBAL.


Day Two:-

  1. Histogram building.
    2. Monte Carlo Simulation
    3. Alternative method: Deterministic Method

Day Three:-

Decline curve tool:

  1. DCA, Why?
  2. DCA Types; and Arps Restrictions.
  3. Case studies: 7 cases.
  4. Some Tips, Tricks and Traps.

Day Four:-

  1. 1D Model tool:
  2. 1D Model Applications.
  3. Case studies: 2 cases.
  4. Reservoir allocation tool:
  5. Allocation meaning.
  6. Why allocation.
  7. Case studies: 2 cases.


Day Five:-

Tight gas tool:

  1. Applications.
  2. Case study


Basic knowledge about Material Balance and reservoir engineering concepts.


This course provides through a comprehensive practical training, the required technical knowledge and skills to
hold the position of petroleum engineer and to contribute to safe and efficient operations in upstream Oil
industry . This course provides a complete understanding of MBal software with hands-on real cases.

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