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Advanced Well Intervention Operations

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By Abdallah Hassan

The Course Instructor

Abdallah Hassan
Senior Well Intervention Engineer
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-  More than 10 years of experience, working as well intervention engineer/supervisor (Coiled Tubing & Slick / Wire line) in oil and gas wells & well surveillance engineering

- Instructor teaching the following courses:

  • Well Intervention Pressure Control Program (Completion Equipment, Operations,
  • Wireline & Coiled Tubing Operations for levels 2 and 3 & 4)
  • Well Intervention (OGO, Work over, Wireline & Coiled Tubing Operations) (accredited from IADC).
  • Completion Design and Work over Operations
  • Coiled Tubing Operations.
  • Slick-line Operations.
  • Wireline and Perforations Operations

What you'll learn

By the end of this training course, delegates will learn:

  • Introduction to the variable nature of well interventions.
  • Describe the economic implications of a workover in terms of the need to protect the well production or injection capacity.
  • List and describe the equipment and operational concepts involved in coiled tubing and hydraulic workover units.
  • know the well control barrier principles
  • Identify three barriers methodology during well intervention
  • Know well control barrier classification for different type of well intervention method.
  • Describe the mechanisms of a slick wireline operation.
  • List and describe the commonly used downhole wireline equipment and tools.
  • List and describe the surface wireline equipment requirements; lubricator; BOP; stuffing box.
  • Describe well pressure control and safety issues associated with wireline.
  • learn procedures and equipment used in wireline, coiled tubing, and workover


  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Production Technologists
  • Wireline engineer
  • Slick-line supervisor
  • Rig-less well intervention supervisor
  • Production supervisors and engineers
  • Completion supervisors and engineers
  • Drilling supervisors and engineers
  • Workover and well service supervisors


A well intervention is any operation carried out on oil or gas well during its productive life that alters the state of the well, provides well diagnostics, or manages the production of the well.


Primarily in this training course, we are concerned with problems associated with the completion string. Problems associated with the reservoir can be investigated and evaluated using production logging and well test techniques. In general, problems associated with the completion string can be classified into problems which arise in the tubing bore and which can be corrected through tubing operations and problems which necessitate the retrieval of the completion string from the well.


This course will contain in-depth information on the impact of workovers and completion design in maximizing field production and increasing recoverable reserves. It also emphasizes the importance of well interventions methods (slick-line, Electrical line and Coiled tubing) during life time of the well to keep well productivity under optimum conditions.